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Time for details. Impressione gives you a choice – the types of seams and armrests in your new sofa depend on you. The futuristic form harmonizes with modern solutions. The element connecting the modules was equipped with an audio system and a practical, extendable leaf, serving as a table. Manually or automatically controlled relax function. This is not just an impression – Impressione is capable of more than you think. Limited space is not a limitation – the IMPRESSIONE collection will endow any interior with a touch of expressiveness. The modularity of the collection makes it more of an idea than a ready-made product, enabling space to be shaped without any limitations. The modules are regular, but differ from one another, allowing users to define the style according to their plans and dreams. IMPRESSIONE amazes with its form and functionality, which are both focused on maximum comfort. The concept of the collection enables dynamic changes in the appearance and application of the furniture, which can be implemented with a single motion with the use of its relaxation function, built-in audio system, or by adjusting the shelf to serve as a handy table.

Collection  Legato

Legato,  sofa will welcome you in its comfort. If you are looking for relaxation, an oasis of peace and safety, Legato sofa will welcome you in its comfort. You can create a favourite place because the sofa has a modular structure. You combine various elements and use selected functions at will.

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armchair Calvaro fabric
refrigerator - inside
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Refrigerator with Super-Cool function in the size of 32 litres.

Configuration / Functionalities:

- exceedingly hard-wearing Peltier thermoelectrics

- automatic...

€196.11 €201.11
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Alexandru Oprea
Am comandat coltar de stofa Calvaro si sunt foarte multumit. Coltarul este comod mai ales ca are sezlong si am optat si pentru tetiera. Imi plac picioarele inalte deoarece se poate face curatanie foarte usor sub coltar. Am ales culoarea stofei astfel incit sa se potriveasca cu ce mai aveam prin casa. Recomand.
Badauta Catalin
Am avut nevoie de un coltar piele in forma de "U" cu dimensiuni ciudate si cei de la Feeria mi-au facut o schita si mi-au configurat coltarul pe acele dimensiuni ciudate. Coltarul pot sa spun ca are spatarul inalt si este foarte comod, ca sa nu mai zic de optiunile din dotare. Are recliner si polita pentru laptop dar si extensie pat pentru dormit in mod exceptional. 
Camelia Stan
Doua canapele extensibile acelasi model. O canapea din piele pentru sufragerie si o canapea de stofa pentru camera copilului in care se doarme zilnic. Pana acum sunt multumita mai ales de cea din piele, cea de stofa cred ca se murdareste mai repede mai ales ca este in camera copilului.
Dan Marius Olteanu
In prima faza am cumparat pentru living un coltar si tabureti iar pentru camera de lucru canapele si fotolii din stofa. Am fost foarte multumit mai ales ca le-am folosit intens. Dupa ceva timp am mai comandat pentru camera copilului o canapea mica dar extensibila pe care dormea in fiecare noapte copilul. 
Beatrice Dinu
Foarte multumita de alegeara facuta acum mai bine de 3 ani. Pat dormitor, de piele Katalia este foarte util mai ales pentru cei care au obiceiul sa citeasca in pat. Tablia are 2 tetiere reglabile independente ce se pot rabata, astfel pot sa zic ca stau comod cand citesc ... patul face toti banii.

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What we offer you – FEERIA ... Get ready for relaxation.

Today's upholstered furniture has evolved and various versions have appeared ... some designed specifically for maximum comfort such as those with recliners, some multifunctional such as those with extension, storage, folding headrests or a shelf for a laptop, classic, modern, shaped "L" or "U"-shaped ... all of which, in turn, are available in natural leather or flame-retardant fabric ultra-resistant to aggressive dirt and animal claws. For those with a recliner (relaxation function) you can find more information by clicking here where we have published a small article that can help you see the major differences between the electric and manual recliner. The collections proposed by us stand out first of all for their versatility ... thus the multitude of available modules and their different sizes help us to configure custom for each bedroom and living room interior. Choosing and configuring the upholstered furniture for the living room, which is the most used furniture in the home, involves several steps and from our point of view the most important is the identification of practical needs. You need to consider who is using the furniture pieces and this will help you in choosing the right material. For example, you may like the look of silk, but it may spoil quickly if you have children or pets. Think about how a non-dirt-resistant fabric will look in a few years and over which red wine or ketchup has been accidentally spilled, or how much time you are willing to spend on maintenance and vacuuming, or if the place where the parts are placed is an area exposed directly to sunlight and UV rays to avoid some of the fading that occurs naturally from exposure to sunlight. If you choose the wrong material you will find yourself fighting stains and problems especially since such an investment is made for a period of years. For pieces of furniture in the bedroom where the traffic is not so intense, for example an upholstered bed, you can choose almost any type of textile, but not for the living room where the traffic is intense. If we take into account these things and the fact that the upholstered furniture in the living room is the most used furniture in the home, we can choose the ultra-resistant fabrics from the CARABU, SAHARA or PERSEMPRA collections. For lovers of classic natural materials, in this case natural leather, which with frequent correct maintenance can look good even after many years of use, we have available the following 100% natural groups:

NATURELLE - natural leathers, with a regular and fine pattern that emphasizes elegance with a thickness between 0.9 - 1.1 mm. Choosing the right furniture material ensures durability and strength, while the carefully finished surface facilitates cleaning and maintenance. The skins are available in a wide range of colors. In this group, small scratches from the claws of pets (cats, etc.) can be touched up with the special repair kit.

EVOLUTION – the leathers in this group with a thickness between 1.3 - 1.5 mm are characterized by their refined surface, corrected with attractive imprints of large grains. The selection of high-quality materials and the professional surface finishing process make the leather in this group exceptionally durable, while maintaining its original appearance and ease of maintenance and cleaning. The Evolution natural leather cover is characterized by a matte or semi-matte surface, giving it an elegant look. For small scratches from the claws of pets (cats, etc.) you can get the special repair kit with which they can touch up.

PRESTIGE – group (i) with a thickness between 0.9 - 1.1 mm - softness and flexibility are achieved, among other things, by the attention paid to the selection of the material. The natural origin of the leather is confirmed by the marks and moles visible on its surface, which emphasize the unique nature of each piece of furniture upholstery. The matte or semi-matte surface of the Prestige leather accentuates their luxurious appearance, while the professional tanning provides the desired durability. South American leathers from the group (M) are very lightly corrected natural leathers, characterized by an attractive appearance and pattern but also by a slightly glossy surface. Thanks to the perfect material selection and the use of professional tanning procedures, the leathers in this group are both durable and exceptionally soft. This unique combination of characteristics of the Prestige (M) leather, thickness between 1.2 - 1.4 mm, makes the upholstered furniture, in this version, very comfortable and durable. Proper surface finish of the leather facilitates maintenance and easy cleaning of the surface. Superficial scratches can be touched up with the special repair kit.

PRESTIGE plus + – the group is a selection of soft and resistant leathers, tanned and colored with natural aniline dyes to create furniture upholstery with the desired properties. Prestige + (K) leathers with a thickness of 1.3 - 1.5 mm are refined in the delicate hand polishing process, which gives them a unique, fluffy look, appearance and high durability. Hand tanning of the leather by highly skilled artisans makes each piece unique. Prestige + (R) leathers with a thickness between 1.2 - 1.4 mm owe their softness and luxurious appearance to the polishing and waxing of the surfaces. The refining processes undergone by the Prestige + (R) leather ensure high aesthetics of the surface, as well as its durability. Prestige +(G) leather with a thickness between 1.2 - 1.4 mm is easily corrected, which is why they have visible, typical characters on the surface, such as: scars, insect bites, veins and other features. Their soft vintage effect semi-aniline finish gives the leather a very soft touch and a luxurious look. Because all the manufacturing process of these types of leather is done by hand (beating, sanding, dyeing, etc.) repairs or painting scratches caused by sharp objects or pet claws are difficult to perform and a repair kit is not available repair or retouching.

Also when identifying practical needs, we must consider if in the living room where relaxing and watching TV are our main activities, which variant or combination offers us flexible and comfortable places for several. The collections come in a variety of configurations, including extenders, duvet and pillow storage, chaise lounges, recliners, pop-up laptop or tablet shelf modules, armless end seats – all of which can be combined for to suit your space. The configuration chosen for this living room also helps, if desired, to divide the space and for this all the variants have the back and the sides in the same color and material whether we choose durable fabric or natural leather for the perspective offered of the back view of the tapestry to be as beautiful as possible. When designing the configurations, you must keep in mind that modules with recliners cannot also have an extension, so for extendable configurations we can add one or more recliners only on the other sides without extension ... for example on one side of an L-shaped corner we can have an extension and on the other side a recliner ... it depends on the available quotas and the chosen collection. Arranging furniture can be a daunting design decision, but appearance is crucial to the comfort and function of a room, and with the options on offer you can maximize every space. Planning the ideal furniture arrangement requires a careful analysis of the room. Pay attention to how traffic flows through the room and where the focal point is as you position the pieces. All the pieces of furniture offered by Feeria, whether we refer to those with one seat, two seats, three seats or more, support a multitude of versions resulting from combinations of arms, smaller or larger modules, modules with drawer for storage, segments with extension or electric or manual recliner, colors and textures of the tapestry, but also the shades of wood. You can consult each collection separately by downloading the complete price list, the 3D files for simulations and the related brochure in which all the available modules and different sets are presented with a sketch. If you are already working with an architect for the layout, the 3D files can be imported into your project from which different configurations can be simulated and rendered so that you can find the optimal option. We are at your disposal for information, details and configuration assistance. Discounts for architects.

Tip and trick of the week

Can stains of ink or pen paste be removed from upholstered furniture? The answer is yes - with alcohol-based solutions. If it is ink, dab it with a good absorbent napkin to get rid of the excess, after which alcohol-based solutions will be used. A solution with a higher alcohol concentration can be used for fabrics, but for a natural skin, a solution with a high alcohol concentration can dull or affect the color of the skin, so it is advisable to try with great care and attention and in no case should pour directly on the upholstery but wipe with a cloth containing the alcohol-based solution.

Soluționarea alternativă a litigiilor Platforma SOL

Reduceri pentru arhitecti !

Puteți consulta fiecare colecție în parte descărcând lista completă de prețuri, fișierele 3D pentru simulări și broșura aferentă în care sunt prezentate cu schiță toate modulele disponibile dar și diferite seturi. Dacă lucrați deja cu un arhitect pentru amenajare, fisierele 3D se pot importa în proiectul dumneavoastă din care se pot simula și randa diferite configurări astfel încât să găsiți varianta optimă.