Minibars 40 L - glass door
  • Minibars 40 L - glass door
  • Minibars 40 L - inside
  • refrigerator - inside
  • Minibars 40 L - glass door

Minibars 40 L 40-20 GD

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Configuration / Functionalities

- exceedingly hard-wearing Peltier thermoelectrics

- exceptional automatic temperature control system (without mechanical adjustment) to reduce the energy consumption 

- no moving parts - 100% silent and vibration free

- no freon (FCKW) and ammonia / NH3 and CFC free – environmental friendly

- easy construction

- 2 transparent, height adjustable and removable plastic shelves

- soft LED interior light with door contact

- right-hinged door with changeable door hinge for conversion to a left-hinged door

- colour: black body, white interior

Minibar 40-20 GD
Qty :

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 12.

You can give your guests more comfort ! Present beverages and snacks invitingly in the minibar to support sale. The plain, elegante design is integrating harmoniously in the furnishings. Adjustable shelves enable a flexible arrangement of the minibar. An important quality of this product is the low energy consumption. This makes our minibar needs no maintenance, it is low-noise and vibration-free in operation, an environment-friendly appliance, indeed.

570 mm
420 mm
400 mm
Peltier Thermoelectrics
13 Kg.

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