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mattress Dalia

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The Dalia mattress contains 600 traditional Bonnel springs in matrimonial size, comfortable, very quiet, but strong and progressive in the compression phase.

Type: traditional spring mattress

Dimensions: starting from 80x190

Firmness: Firm

Surface material: Sanitized, with an antimycotic fabric

Filling: summer front – Cotton and winter front – Wool

Height: approx. 23 cm

Dalia 10 f.
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On both surfaces it has Ergoflex, the elastic polyurethane foam that ensures constant ventilation + the AT filter, provides correct, orthopedic and firm support. The surface material is Sanitized, an antimycotic fabric that acts as an internal deodorant. Wool and cotton dahlia. Wool is perfect for winter, being soft and warm, while cotton is cool in summer. The Dalia mattress has 18 micro-aerators. What this means – it allows air circulation, guaranteeing ventilation and internal hygiene. It also has Box anti-slip, a material that eliminates the sensation of sliding on the mattress.

23 cm


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