sofa Camaro
  • sofa Camaro
  • sofa Camaro 1.5RF(el)-1,5RF(el.)-Rec
  • sofa Camaro 1.5RF(el)-1,5RF(el.)-Rec fabric
  • sofa Camaro with recliner
  • sofa Camaro with love seats and 2 recliners

sofa Camaro 1.5RF(el)-1,5RF(el.)-R fabric

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sofa Camaro with love seats and 2 electrical recliners coverd in fabrics.

Camaro 1.5RF(el)-1,5RF(el.)-R s.
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With Camaro modular collection you will get all the things done just your way. Each separate module is designed to enable smooth configuration of a set needed. High, ergonomic backrests are here to give you the greatest level of relax. Have yourself a pleasing rest in electrically adjusted reclainer.

Number of seats
269 cm
90 cm
104 cm
163 cm
Seat height
42 cm


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