ultra sofa Maui 1.5-1.5
  • ultra sofa Maui 1.5-1.5
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ultra sofa Maui 1.5-1.5

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The 2 modules of 1.5 seats form a ultra sofa Maui 1.5-1.5 - covered in fabrics.

Maui 1.5-1,5 s.
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The beautiful and cozy Maui sofa has an original, organic form that arouses sympathy at first sight. It fits perfectly into both a cozy living room and a modern relaxation zone. Loose backrest pillows will increase your comfort of rest. A swivel armchair will complement your space to create an original, cozy and modern interior.

Number of seats
281 cm
87 cm
137 cm
Seat height
41 cm

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