Ines 2(2RF man) - TRE - 3(1RF man)
  • Ines 2(2RF man) - TRE - 3(1RF man)
  • Ines 2(2RF man) - TRE - 3(1RF man) dimensions
  • Ines 3(1RF man) - TRE - 2(2RF man)
  • Ines 3(1RF man) - TRE - 2(2RF man) dimensions

Ines corner set 2-E-3

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Ines corner sets 2-E-3 or 3-E-2 covered in fabric, ultra resistant to aggressive dirt but also pet friendly. The wooden legs are available in several colors. The price shown is for any of the 500 fabric colors and 7 shades are available for the wooden legs.

See the "COLORS" section for more details on fabric colors and wood shades.

Ines 2-E-3 / 3-E-2 s.
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The Ines collection - delicate on wooden legs, with small dimensions, so it can be used to furnish small rooms. Its shape refers to the retro style. Stitching and split seats add extra charm. The collection is modular, allowing you to build the perfect set for your room, and is available in a wide range of premium fireproof fabrics, ultra-resistant to aggressive dirt and pet friendly. Code for this sofas :

- Ines 2(2RF man) - TRE - 3(1RF man) s.

- Ines 3(1RF man) - TRE - 2(2RF man) s.

Number of seats
294 cm
111 cm.
89 cm
237 cm
Seat height
48 cm
sitting depth
52 cm.
Leg height
22 cm.


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