Maintenance of leather or fabric sofas and corners.

When cleaning natural or ecological leather sofas, we recommend using a very soft, lint-free cloth, moistened in lukewarm distilled water (the PH of distilled water is more friendly to natural leather). And for stains, you can use a little liquid soap diluted in lukewarm distilled water. It is not recommended to use abrasive cloths or objects that could scratch or cut the skin. It is also not recommended to expose a sofa directly to sunlight because the color of the skin can be affected by ultraviolet rays. To reduce the effect of UV rays on the color of a leather sofa, there are specially created lotions and creams that protect the leather against discoloration. With the passage of time, we recommend the use of maintenance products (moisturizers or other products) and we recommend that you carefully read the instructions of the respective product and before using it, do some tests on the back of a sofa or in less visible places for to test that product and only if the product corresponds to continue using it. In no case is it recommended to use solvents, thinners or alcohol when cleaning a sofa. When cleaning fabric sofas, you should only use products specially recommended for the type of fabric from which your sofa is made.