• corner set Basic 2,5F/REC fabric

corner set Basic 2,5F/REC fabric

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Basic 2,5F-Rec/Rec-2,5F stofa
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fabric`s color :
  • Aston KR10421
  • Aston KR10422
  • Aston KR10423
  • Aston KR10500
  • Aston KR10501
  • Aston KR10502
  • Aston KR10416
  • Aston KR10419
  • Aston KR10420
  • Aston KR10418
  • Aston KR10646
Qty :

232 cm
85 cm
91 cm
Seat height
44 cm
Sleep surface:
200 x 125 cm
163 cm

Fabrics for sofas and corner sets.

Various fabric collections for sofas, corner sets, beds and armchairs.

Fabrics Aston

Fabrics Austin

Fabrics Brussels

Fabrics Cameleon

Fabrics Carabu

Fabrics Napoli

Fabrics Vocal

Fabrics Piano

Fabrics Milton

Fabrics Forza

Fabrics Monolith

Fabrics Orion

Fabrics Adore

Fabrics Pura

Fabrics Sahara

Fabrics Massimo

Fabrics Evolution

Fabrics Sofia

Fabrics Zoya

Fabrics Persempra

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