element for sofa Impressione 1 leather

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For this collection, different modules are available from which corner seats can be configured in different sizes, fixed or with manual or electric recliner - depending on the desire and can be viewed in the Impressions section.

The codes for the variants of this module from the Impressione collection are:

- if the module is fixed, i.e. without a recliner, the code is: Impressione 1L (for left/with left arm) / Impressione 1R (for right/with right arm);

- with manual recliner the code is: Impressions 1RF(man)L / 1RF(man)R;

- with electric recliner, the code is Impressione 1RF(el)L / 1RF(el)R.

Impressione 1 piele
with Relax Function :
Leather type :
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Time for details. Impressione gives you a choice – the types of seams and armrests in your new sofa depend on you. The futuristic form harmonizes with modern solutions. The element connecting the modules was equipped with an audio system and a practical, extendable leaf, serving as a table. Manually or automatically controlled relax function. This is not just an impression – Impressione is capable of more than you think.

Natural leather
61 cm.
75 cm
113 cm
Seat height
44 cm

Colors of natural leather Evolution

Colors of natural leather Prestige

Colors of natural leather Prestige+

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